Tuesday 28 July 2009

Zenoss - Open Source Monitoring

Zenoss is a fantastic open source monitoring solution. I have been running Zenoss-Core, the free (no support contract) version for about 4 months now. I am currently monitoring pretty much everything, including but not limited to, linux, windows, aix, Mac, and bsd servers. most services on these servers are monitores, like databases, mail, web, proxy, san, vmware you name it. Also the hardware aspects of these devices are monitored including bladecenters, san, network devices etc.
Zenoss has proved to be the solution to all monitoring. It has made use of snmp really worth it.
For more information about zenoss chech the site http://www.zenoss.com/community/docs

Whats good about Zenoss is that it has got very active forums with users contributing "ZenPacks" which are package sthat add new functionality to Zenoss Core and Enterprise.
With zenpacks, you dont need any special skills to implement monitoring of a certain type of devices, You just install the zenpack and follow its simple instructions and you are done.

I recently added a ZenPack to monitor MGE UPS devices to the community. You can find the zenpack here

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