Tuesday 7 July 2009

First things first - Hardware

I am planning to buy a very low cost HP Proliant ML115 Quad core server. I am looking at prices £200 and below. If anybody knows where I can get good offers, please holla. My main goal is to run ESXi for my home lab. I am hoping to host about 10 VMs; 4 Windows, and 6 Linux.
I will populate this box with 4x2GB ram for a max og 8GB.
I am also considering hardware RAID, but at this moment I am not sure whether this will be really important.
One other thing that I would fiddle around with are the HDDs. I have seen a very lucrative offer online for a Samsung EG 5400rpm 1TB drive for £60, guys advise??
This is basically the summary of my new project.

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