Wednesday 26 May 2010

Monitoring a Fedora Directory Server based LDAP service (FDS, CDS, RHDS) with Zenoss

I am publishing a new Zenpack to monitor an FDS LDAP service. The Zenpack greatly extends the LDAPMonitor (you may want to remove it completely if you were using it to monitor FDS)
The Zenpack provides:

* FDS-LDAPserver Template which provides:
  • Monitoring for ldap and ldaps ports
  • Monitors the ssl certificate validityfor your server
  • LDAP operations, binds and failure stats/graphs for your FDS server
  • An implementation of the MADMAN mib for monitoring LDAP/CLDAP and X.500 directories described in RFC 2788 and 2789
* /Events/Status/LDAP event class transform to modify the event summary for threshold triggerd events.

*The zenpack utilises both command and snmp datasources

The zenpack is extensible and one can incoporate other snmp datasources or modify the graphs that can be generated from them.