Tuesday 27 September 2011

[HEA-1] Components of a Home Entertainment Nework

Components of a Home Entertainment Nework
Broadband conection
You need to have an internet connection, so that you can be able to pull content from the internet. Many providers will give you a modem/ or piece of equipment that connects to the internet be it via DSL, Cable, or FTTH.
Wired/Wireless home newtork
Most nternet service providers in the UK will provide a wireless router (in somecases eg BT, the wireless router and DSL modem are all built into a single hardware device) You connecet the modem to the wireless router. The wireless router will most likely have a few ethernet port, you can use these if you want to connect any other device eg TV or computer to your home network using ethernet cables. There are perfomance and reliability(qos) benefits of using a wired connection over a wireless connection. However, if you devices are not located in close proximity, wireless will inevitably be the best solution.
Home PC/Laptop/Media server
You can use any computer with any operating system provided it performs good enough to be able to sream media files.
Digital Set-top box/PVR/DVR
You may already have digital video recoders, If these can be connected to you home network, the better. Samsung recoders, blu-ray discs etc all are capable of connecting to other Samsung devices wirelessly (Anynet+) However, these kind of devices may not be necessary for an internet enabled home entertainment network since you can be able to record your freeview or other broadcast to your computer.
Network capable TV
A lot of TVs nowadays are internet enabled. This means they can be connected to your home entwork via either an ethernet port (if it comes with one) or wifi. There are some models which have USB ports that can be used to connect a wifi dongle, and they can then be connceted to your wifi using that dongle. You would need to examine your TV to check for whether it has an ethernet port or a usb port. Also you have to check in its manual for the internet functionality it can do. Most HD TVs from 2009 onwards are network enabled.
You will need a good performing smartphone. Needs to be able to run processor and ram intensive apps decently. In terms of currently available appls and tools, this is an area where Android phones outshine the iPhone.

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